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4 Ways To Make Your Business Environmentally Sustainable

The days when businesses were in the market solely for the profits are long gone. Right now, as CSR practices are being integrated into every establishment’s business plan, maintaining a degree of environmental sustainability is a necessity. Businesses are no longer just about raking in the moolah anymore, in fact, they have an added responsibility[…]

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All You Need to Know About LFA (Log Frame Analysis)

The ‘third party sector’, as it is commonly known, has evolved and found itself a stronger foothold in the society today. Over the years, NPOs have taken over important roles and been instrumental in forming a distinctive sector within civil society. They are engaged in almost all sectors of social life such as relief, rehabilitation,[…]

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People And Planet – 2 Ps To Build Your Brand On

Every organisation strives to create a business strategy that enables their offering to stand out from the competition. One compelling approach to building a great brand image is investing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR has been around in India for a while and has been implemented both by small businesses and big companies like Tata[…]

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4 Tips For Planning And Executing An Effective CSR Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility has moved past being a mere obligation for most companies. With the increased integration of social media and Internet into our everyday lives, the actions of big multinationals have never been more closely scrutinised. This gives businesses additional incentive to be as creative and impactful with their CSR strategies as possible. The[…]

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CSR And Sustainability: Splitting Hairs

People tend to use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability interchangeably when talking about business. While there is some overlap between the two, there are differences as well. The overlap becomes apparent when you consider that many people talk about sustainability under the purview of CSR. CSR refers to an organisation’s choice to function ethically[…]