Ever wondered, why only few organizations achieve their goals, success, growth or create the impact they aspire for?

We, at Vardaan began with the quest to find a solution.

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What could be the missing ingredient in any organizations- for profit, not-for-profit, social enterprises, impact makers etc.?
While research and insights gave us directions,
Until we discovered, The missing ingredient that could ensure businesses to be relevant, have longevity and sustainability was,
Meaningful conversations unfolded new approaches.
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On the other side,
Not-for-profits can deliver a consistent impact only by Building Capacity.
And, businesses need to collaborate with Impact Makers to demonstrate responsibility towards stakeholders.

While consulting Non-Profit Organizations towards responsibility, we were keen to address impact makers and help them re-define their social responsibility objective and build their capacity.

We broadened our scope to engage with both, the GIVERS and the DOERS, inclusive of corporate businesses, social enterprises, foundations, philanthropic entities, high-network individuals, impact investors, impact funds and government intermediaries.

One of the key milestones that we reached during our journey was validating these diverse non-profit organizations and collating them into a catalog titled, “Catalogue for Philanthropy”

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We believe

Actions towards responsibility must be justified by Return on Investment, be it tangible or intangible.

From the menu of doing good, we must pick the right actions for the right reason.

We must consistently raise the bar of going good.


Our actions must not harm, but instead cultivate wholesomeness.


Establish a strong and collaborative bond among the Doers and the Givers.


Create a ripple effect of positivity and growth.

Allow us to

Make your business more responsible

Build Capacities

Make your projects sustainable

Make CSR work for you

Monitor and evaluate projects